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When Is the Best Time To Shop for a New Accountant?

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Accounting, Accounting Tips, Blog

So, you are not completely satisfied with your accounting firm?

When should you shop for a new accountant? Does it really matter?

As a business owner, it is important to have a good working relationship with your accountant. A good accountant should be a trusted advisor; a professional who you can rely on for guidance and insight to help you achieve the goals for your business and who works effectively with your other trusted advisors including attorneys, financial advisors, and insurance professionals.

If you are not happy with the accountant you are working with, does it really matter when you make a change? There is no time like the present. Summer is the time to shop for a new accountant for your business, including evaluating the firm and its capabilities.

Why now?

1. It gives you a runway.
Evaluating accountants now gives you a runway for year-end tax planning. As a business owner, finding a new accountant and accounting firm now will best serve your needs and support the goals for your business.
Initial meetings can be scheduled for the coming months; past tax returns and financial statements can be provided so the new firm has a good understanding of your business, financials, and priorities. With a baseline understanding, productive year-end tax planning meetings can occur with plenty of time to implement.
As a business owner, you gain the peace of mind that you have secured a professional accountant with talented, experienced staff to guide and advise you in advance of year end.

2. Timing.
Accountants are less busy this time of year, so it is an ideal time to schedule conversations and make an informed decision. It is easier to schedule time to meet with prospective accountants and accounting firms to assess expertise, culture and fit. You may prioritize the location of the firm and their ability to meet with you personally or assess their expertise in your industry. Are you interested in a firm that offers a breadth of services to augment your team’s capabilities such as outsourced CFO services or bookkeeping?

While this is prime time for summer vacations, this is the best time to allow yourself time to meet with multiple firms, speak to the accountants to assess a good fit and give yourself the runway that will best serve you and your firm by having the time necessary to make an informed decision. Imagine wrapping up Q3 with a new relationship to help you build your business and achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves on being a champion for our clients; advocating for them to achieve their goals. To learn more about LCW CPAs and who we are, click here. To learn more about how we serve our business clients, click here. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to determine if this could be the beginning of a great working relationship.

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