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How to Get Started Working with Us

We’re delighted that you’re interested enough in our firm to reach out and find out what the next step is.  Here’s what to do if you need help with your accounting or taxes or just want to get a quote:

1. Give us a call at 978.689.8822.

You’ll likely hear the lovely voice of Noemi, our Receptionist.  She’ll then connect you with Jess, who will talk with you about your specific needs.

From there, we’ll set up a meeting at your convenience, where you will meet with the ideal team member that has the right expertise for your situation. This will typically be in our office, but can also be conducted online at your request.

We’ll let you know what you’ll need to bring. It’s generally things like your prior year tax returns and/or recent financial statements if you have them.

2. We’ll meet with you.

We’ll talk about your current situation and get to know each other. After the first meeting, we’ll prepare a quote for you based upon your specific needs.